5 Baccarat Formula

This article is suitable for beginner gamblers who do not know how to read the cards or have little experience in the game of Baccarat. We have a method for walking the 5 Baccarat formula according to the pattern to suggest. By stabbing a walking formula means Traditional betting don’t have to look at the cards I don’t care what cards come out first. Because we have a form of betting that What are we going to stab?

How to walk the 5 Baccarat formula

1. Maximum bet 5 eyes. If stabbing any one of these 5 eyes is correct, start stabbing the 1st eye again.

2. Betting according to the pattern or the pattern that has not changed Red, blue, blue, blue, red, which the bettor’s betting pattern must be determined before starting to play

3. Place the bet amount of 50, 100 or 1,000 per eye according to the money system 1 3 5 7 9

1st eye bets 1 unit

2nd eye bets 3 Unit

3rd eye stabs 7 units

4th eye stabs 15 units

5th eye bets 31 units.


This formula, if the bettor wins the bet on the number of eyes, it will profit according to the number of eyes that you stabbed. For example, hitting the 2nd eye will get 2 units of profit. If stabbing the 5th eye, you will receive 5 units of profit. how much Will get according to that number of eyes, but if 5 eyes are eaten, must start stabbing 1 again or stop stabbing and start again the next day

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