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Sic Bo betting formula. Sic Bo is a gambling game. There are three dice with points from 1 to 6. The dealer then puts the dice in a plate and covers it with a cover and shakes it. The player will bet the points of the dice.

By betting on that point, there will be many forms as follows:

1. Teng is to bet on points 1 to point 6 (the gambler’s language is called point 1 as involved). That we bet we will get 1 money, that is, bet 1 baht, if correct, will get 1 baht.

2. Toad is to bet on points like item 1, but will bet 2 points at a time. 2 out of 3 dice must be issued points that predict. hold Therefore, it is considered correct, for example, if stabbed that Tod 2-3, if the lid is opened, it is 2-3-5, this is considered correct, but if it is 2-4-5 or 3-4-6, this is considered only The only point that we predict will be considered a wrong bet with a high-risk bet.

3. High-Low bet is to bet on the total points of all 3 dice, if the total score is between 3 and 10 points, it is considered “low”, but if the total score is between 12 and 18 points, it is considered “high”. This way you will get 1 money.


  1. Bet on 11 Hi-Lo is to bet on the total points of all 3 dice that are equal to 11, which will have a terminology called 11 dice is very difficult to get out because the total points must be 11, fit, do not break, do not exceed anyone, bet 11 dice and be picked up, get 5 per, that is, bet 1 baht, if correct, will get 5 baht from the rules of

the above methods, we can see that low exit 11 Hi-Lo and High, which is a range of numbers as follows: Low Hi-Lo, points issued (345678910) 11 Hi-Lo, low points issued (11), Hi-Lo, high points issued (12 13 14 15 16 17). Sic Bo results from the test shake 216 times, the result is a low bet, the total points of the 3 dice are

between 3-10 points out of total 108 times probability That bet is low and is therefore equal to 108/216 = 0.5, representing 50% of the percentage, high bets, the total points of the 3 dice, combined between 12-18 points, a total of 81 times, the probability The bet is low and is therefore equal to 81/216 = 0.375, accounting

for 37.5%. 11 Hi-Lo, the total points of the 3 dice are equal to 11 points, a total of 27 times, the probability of 11 bets being correct is 27/216 =0.125, representing 12.5% There are different probabilities from the basic Sic Bo formula. Sic Bo betting, the low bet formula, if we observe The odds of exiting Sic Bo can be seen that the

total score page of low sic Bo has a greater chance of exiting Sic Bo. One page will make the exit statistics have a chance of 50% per 37%. Low Sic Bo has more statistics than High Sic Bo. How is it for a newbie learning to play Hai Long? This article may be used to extend the technique. Your own dice formula in the future

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