Baccarat card layout, card game format that can make money

Reading baccarat card layout important to play need to know

reading baccarat card layout is very important Because the game of Baccarat is designed for players to know the analysis. and always bet correctly Rotation of cards in each room It is often predicted

Therefore, if you read the cards as It can help you win more bets than losing bets. and reading the cards It is a method of determining the selection of bets according to many gamblers. have been doing it continuously

This is considered a method that can help a lot for people who play baccarat online. How to read the baccarat card layout that is really effective

• Dragon card layout, which is the repetition of the card in many eyes continuously in a row for a long time. dragon tail to stab the dragon’s tail Whether on the banker’s side or on the player’s side, there is a chance of winning because the cards will be issued repeatedly.

• Table tennis card layout It is the card layout that is opposite to the dragon card layout. Including issuing cards that alternate between the dealer and the player from 5-6 eyes or more, look at the cards and bet on the opposite side immediately. Because when the cards have already been issued will have to switch sides to come out to the other side like ping pong There is a chance of winning as well.

How to look at the baccarat card layout both ways It is a card that is often issued. And it’s a simple way that newbies can see it. But the important thing is that it must be brought into the formula. only to be correct will have a chance to win If you look at him but can’t bring it into the formula, it’s a pity because a good opportunity will have to slip away.

How to read the card layout?

How to read the card layout? We will understand each other as follows.

1. Reading the dragon card layout The dragon card layout is to issue a card repeatedly, either side will win 5-6 times in a row or more, the method is according to the dragon card, but stabbing only that color repeatedly until it’s wrong, you shouldn’t. Use the same stake But give a thrust forward, slowly roll the money over time because it treats the cards if the dragon is the money you should make the most of it

2. I play cards. This table tennis card layout is opposite to the dragon, which is the result of the cards alternating winning 1 time each 5-6 times or more. The method is to follow the opposite color until it’s wrong. by the principle of the money It should be in the form of rollover like the dragon card layout as well, as this can make you profit from the baccarat game. definitely

3. The layout of the pair of cards A pair of cards is a winning result of 2 times, each color alternates continuously for 3 pairs or more. The method is to follow the pair until it is wrong. by the principle of money Should not bet each round the same amount. Should roll over money indefinitely, just like the dragon card. and table tennis card layout

4. Two-cut card layout The 2-cut card layout is similar to a pair of balls, but may not be continuous, therefore, the method of stabbing must be specific. When one of the colors has already won 2 times, you choose to bet on the opposite side. by paying the same amount But if you bet wrong, then place a bet. Compound form when bet next time

5. Three cut card layout The 3 cut card layout is that either color or both colors cannot win more than 3 consecutive times, so the betting method must be trap only. When any color wins 3 times in a row, choose to bet on the opposite side next time. by placing the same bet amount But if the wrong bet, the deposit will be contributed to the next bet

6. Sticky card layout The stick figure is when a particular color wins for the first time and then often wins repeatedly, maybe 2-3 times, or it can be a dragon card in a row. However you choose to read only the second time only

7. If the cards fall. The falling card is when one of the colors wins for the first time. And often can’t win repeatedly and continuously May win no more than 2 times or may win and lose alternately until it is ping-pong But you choose to bet on the opposite color until you stab right but should not roll together more than 3 sticks with this method May help you make a profit from the game of Baccarat.

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