Baccarat High Low or Big Small

Baccarat High Low It is another garden in online baccarat betting. other than the normal betting conditions Normally, there are 5 positions to bet on, namely, Player gets pair, Player, Tie, Banker and Banker gets pair. But in some brands of baccarat online casino. He will make in the low / small and high / large sections to bet more as well. By

the characteristics and methods of playing baccarat, high and low, there are ways to play as follows.

rules and how to play Baccarat, high, low or big, small

Online casino websites that can play baccarat big and small

To play baccarat high and low, you must choose a room with high and low baccarat to play with. Because some brands that offer online casinos are not available to play. As for the casino operator brands that offer high and low baccarat, they include the GPI brand and the MG Live brand

Pay rates and looking at low, high, big and small cards.

Small/Low, the payout rate of this type is 1.5 : 1. For example, if we place a bet of 100 baht, if we win, the stake will be back to 250 baht including the stake. The part that will make the small/low seat to win is In playing cards, both sides must be opened, only 2 cards per side.

Big/High, the payout rate of this condition is 0.5 : 1. If we place a bet of 100 baht, if we win, we will get money. Bet back to 150 baht including capital, it seems to be a lot of money. But actually Kari will win this big/high. The showdown of any side, if a 3rd card is drawn, both sides will be drawn. or will draw only one side It will be considered that big/high has won.

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