Baccarat is not bad because of the formula.

It is a game that makes money very quickly. Among all the casino games for online baccarat In addition to relying on the moon Still requires an understanding to understand and study to play effectively. Have we ever wondered why Tong has a formula? and tips on how to play, but the results are still volatile, not as expected,

some days, some days, not If you are facing problems, I recommend you to read to the end. and will find a solution

Baccarat online, the formula to play, make money for you or for anyone?

Fundamentals of Baccarat Formula no matter what formula or any teacher There will be principles of thinking on 2 simple guidelines as follows

The first is to play as a Player or Banker.

This formula is a formula that many new investors choose to use with a simple way of thinking. Based on the logical concept of thinking Through research work, Banker always has an advantage. (When stabbing on the banker side Therefore, many people will stick to the banker’s or player’s win-loss statistics as the main. If one side wins

more, try to play to the other side a lot. because I think that in the end, the number must be as close to the formula as possible, which is really not a mistake

But the fact that it is not right is that At the table, he calculates the numbers for you to see. not calculated from the hundreds but calculated from tens of thousands In the end it is possible to end the match with a 50-50 or 45-50 win, but how can you be sure that the game you are playing? The result will be like this. Sometimes the banker may win

up to 70% if they wish to be rich with this formula. You may need to combine other subjects to reduce the risk. which will be discussed in the next chapter

The second type is to play with card counting,

for example, single out, contiguous draws, garden bets, etc., which these information the casino does not conceal. The more you support it with the show, because the more deciding factors there are. The more opportunities for investors to play aimlessly. Have you ever been in a dizzying situation? would not dare to stab Do you want to escape

and regret the opportunity? Until sometimes you can’t play as yourself, according to friends, according to the formula, according to Khon, it all comes from consuming the principle information that it is too much that is necessary. Play time should not think too much. But to not think at all would be bad. But it’s better

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